"Topiary Cat"

Robotic installation for garden - 2017


It is featuring a robotic cat with a vegetal coat that seems to melt into the garden.

Around him a little electronic green mouse is running in reference to the popular, but no less strange, nursery rhymes. The cat seems nailed to the ground like a plant, unable to pursue the small rodent who looks like enjoying it.

The device is activated as the viewer approaches. The mouse makes three short tours, then turns around before grinding to a halt.

After creating Animal/Robot hybrids France Cadet imagines some "Plantimals", some Plant/Animal hybrid robots.


Version 1 created for the solo show "Fast, Cheap and out of Control" - Garden of the Aquabella Hotel in Aix-en-Provence, Fr.


Version 2 created for the exhibition "Hortus 2.0" - Garden of the Louis Vouland museum in Avignon, Fr.

Video sample - Sound illustration by Spiky the Machinist within the framework of the exhibition "Fast, Cheap and out of Control"

Also to be seen, a little report by France 3 "Plants and digital Arts" about the exhibtion Hortus 2.0