Discovery mats

Interactive mats to be caressed - 2003


Learning toys for adult...

This series of toys for grown-ups invite the collector to get involved in the artwork by manipulating them so that they respond.

They subvert educative toys and parody dogmas to distance us from them and point out stereotypes such as: pink for girls and blue for boys, men are basic and women are complex…


By touching only one sensor, she feigns.
By touching only the toes, she laughs.
By touching the anus:
- once: she says, “Oh no, not that!”
- twice: “Oh no...”
- three times: “Oh.. .yes”
- four times: “Again!”
By touching the genitalia only, she moans (orgasm number I).
By touching the genitalia and another sensor, orgasm number 2 is achieved.
By touching the spine, one must touch progressively upwards or downwards in order to touch two sensors successively.


Every time the genitalia or anus is touched, he moans (orgasm). Nevertheless, light modulations can be achieved according to the positions and combinations of the hands.


« Plug & Play » Porte-avion Gallery - 2004

« Amours, délices et orgues » Ferme du buisson - 2007

« Art Paris » Grand Palais - 2010
Short video clip - Paris La Vilette - 2002