SweetPad installation allows 4 persons to play, in a totally new way, Quake 3 Arena, the famous multiplayer Arcade shoot-them-up game, that so many artists have already used and hijacked.

The game itself has not been modified, you still have to kill your opponents. This time however, fast and aggressive behaviour won't be rewarded: you'll have to use tenderness and slow, gentle touch to kill.

The joysticks have been replaced by some USB SweetPads (France Cadet’s creation) that players have to caress and stroke with delicacy in order to move and shoot. If they get nervous, they won't be able to move and kill "correctly."


Solo exhibition "Plug&Play" - Porte Avion gallery - Marseilles - 2004


"With this mechanism made out of a few simple rules, Cadet primes a real cognitive revolution, investigating the individual ability to manage a so paradoxical situation as that of quietly killing an enemy - even if a virtual one - making a gesture - the caress - that is socially interpreted and received only as a love expression."




SweetPads are USB Plug&Play electronic interfaces for PC behaving as a traditional gamepad. The power is supplied by the USB.

They allow to play Quake Arena III but instead of having buttons/keys, what facilitates aggressive behaviour, you have to caress slowly and press delicately the surface to be able to move and shoot.

These SweetPads are half-sphere made of molded resin covered with black elastomere so as to be soft to caress.



To move you have to caress slowly the different sides of the dome.

If you correctly achieve a regular and slow movement on the right side of the pad for instance, your avatar will turn right. To turn left, you do the same on the left and so on to walk forward and backward.


To shoot you have to press gently and regularly the top of the dome. If you press too stronlgly it won't work.




Vidéo available to download:
- video Quicktime format : mov (53Mo) 1'58''


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