Nemo, the robotic fish, is swimming imperturbably in the screen, which is his fish tank as well.

The robotic cat is sitting in front of the screen and he is watching it as he was looking at a real fish swimming in a real tank. Time to time he gets up, meows and tries to catch the fish, unluckily.

Unless it is merely a misinterpretation, the cat might not been fooled. He might be aware it is only a video and he is just having fun watching a DVD of the famous Nemo… or maybe is it Disney Channel… a brand new channel for robotic pets.

Blending into society, robots are now becoming more and more life-like. And they are claiming to be acting as moral agents. Thus this robotic cat might have the ability and desire to experiment social activities and pleasures such as the ones TV profusely offers.

Even though nowadays it is a luxury to own a sophisticated robotic pet, a robot imitation, and not a real pet, maybe soon it will be the opposite such as Philip K.Dick vision.









Do robotic cats dream of electric fish? © France CADET

Exhibition view VIA 2008