Monography :

France Cadet 1995-2020  

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International biennal "Nemo 2023" 

Exhibition "Je est un autre ?" (I is another)
30 september 2023 - 7 january 2024

104, 5 rue Curial, 75019 Paris

"Ex-machina: Man, machine, robot" 
25 april - 29 july 2023

Departmental library - 20 rue Mirès 13003 Marseille, France
Curation: Catherine Soria

Artists : France Cadet, Zaven Paré
Photographs : Max Aguilera-Hellweg , Vincent Fournier, Yves Gellie
Collections : Archives départementales , Maison d’Ailleurs, musée de la science-fiction, de l’utopie et des voyages

Voir la programmation complète "Portrait(s) Robot(s)"

"Duo mix #2: France Cadet - Romain Ventura"  
12 june - 31 august 2023
Opening on 1st June 1er juin 6:30 PM

A+Art, 220 rue du Capitaine Pierre Pontal, 34000 Montpellier, FR
Curator: Pierre Bendine Boucar

Exhibiton of two French artists on the question of the representation of the body and the avatar.

Exhibition "Robozoaire"  (robozoan)
3 to 20 may 2023

Micro-Folie Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FR
1 place des rotondes
Solo show "Robozoaire

Public meeting 20 may 2PM


"Irréductibles beautés" (irreducible beauties)
6 may - 14 june 2023
Performative opening on the 5th of may at 6 PM

Polaris Art Center
Forum des Carmes 13800 Istres, France

Volet 1 :9 march - 30 april 2023 : ORLAN, Pilar Albarracin

Volet 1 : 6 may - 14 june
Ghada Amer, Rina Banerjee, Virginie Barre, Andreas Bowers,
France Cadet, collectif de femmes du Burkina Faso, Awena Cozannet, Beatrice Cussol, Fanny Durand, Rossella Fumasoni, Nadine Lahoz Quilez, Stéphanie Mai Hamus, Milena Massardier, Anne Monteil Bauer, Frédérique Nalbandian, Niki de St Phalle, Françoise Petrovitch, Jeanne Susplugas, Joana Vasconcelos

Le Centre - Vierzon 
Installation of a monumental artwork

Le Centre - Vierzon - FR
Center for the Exploration of new Territories of Experiental realities

Creation of a 5x2m wall in augmented reality to be seen soon in physical space and in virtual reality alongside 9 other 5x2m artist projects.

"Ectogenèse poly-gonade 2.0"
Interview by Le Centre - Vierzon

France Cadet enters the artistic collection of Le Centre with "Ectogenèse poly-gondae 2.0", a 5x2m augmented reality work created for one of the building's panels

Le Centre- Vierzon

"Robotocene" as part of the digital odyssey "Revolution V52" 
25 may to 1st june 2023
24 hours a day in public space

Digitale Zone, 11 avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille FR
L'unique - Musée du dehors, 4 rue Caponière 14000 Caen FR

52 weeks 52 artists, 52 artworks..

"Revolution V52"

"Máquina orgánica" (organic machines)
23 march - 23 april 2023

Teatros del Canal
Cea Bermúdez, 1. 28003 Madrid, Espagne

Group show with interactive installations
Curation: Charles Carcopino.

Máquina orgánica

Guide tour:

Watch curator Dominique Moulon on a tour of highlights from the exhibition " Decision Making: The Decisive Instant " at Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris

Lecture about the " Object lessons 2.0 " (prints with invisible UV ink) during LASER talk in Paris (French)

New artwork:

Hunting Trophies DIY  

Numbered boxes. Edition of 30 copies. 5 different models: Cervidae pack: with interchangeable horns (deer, impala, moose) - Leopard - Snow leopard - Quagga Zebra - Burchell Zebra

To be discovered here


Prosthetic Reality V.2  

AR Art Book & NFT

Published by EyeJack combining AR, NFT (available on hicetnunc) and a printed version of the book featuring 60 international artists
Prosthetic Reality - Volume 2 : gallery


« Anatomy Lesson #32 » for Prosthetic Reality V.2

AR Version using EyeJack
Video on objkt.com

Lapsus Numérique #2 "Humains et Robots"  
(digital slip - Human and Robots)

Questions of society and contemporary culture trhough art and psychoanalysis
"From robotization of Man to humanization of machine"

Guest artist: France Cadet


Anatomiquement vôtre (Anatomically yours)
by Raphaël Cuir - Scala edition

Critique on critique.org (fr)

In this book, Raphaël Cuir shows how this questioning of self-knowledge, initiated during the Renaissance, reappears today in the work of many artists, at the age of cloning, robotization and transhumanism.

"The women who shaped Art & technology Studies"

Art & Technology Studies department of SAIC Chicago celebrates its 50th anniversary 1969-2019 and publishes a 80-pages book

Publication downloadable here
Dedicated website: https://ats50th.art/


Digital (r)evolution: the Art et the Robot !
New TV series on Museum TV

10 films of 26min to be seen on Museum TV, a TV channel dedicated to contemporary Art.
First episode: "The Art and the Robot" with France cadet, Patrick Tresset, Zaven Paré, Bill Vorn, Dominique Moulon.

Digital (r)evolution - Museum TV



 "Tutta colpa di Darwin"  Italia Uno

Documentary about the evolution of humanity

Episode: the robotics:
See the whole documentary

 "L'Emission d'Antoine" CANAL+

4 march 2016

Interview on stage with two of my robots.
TV show "L'Emission d'Antoine de Caunes"  "Robot-Land" on Canal+

Website of the TV show


Interview Le Cube

in the framework of the exhibition "Robot pour être vrai"

Video in French

More about the exhibtion Robot pour être vrai

Interview / Video of the exhibition

"Art & Artificial Life: VIDA 1999 - 2012"

Fundacion Telefonica Madrid - Spain

Video in English with spanish subtitles

Quoi de neuf du côté des androïdes? what's new in androïds?

Lecture at IMERA - Marseilles, FR.

Whole video of the lecture "what's new in androïds?" by France Cadet and Angelica Lim, recorderded on December the 7th, 2016 at IMéRA,within the framework of the cycle "Research, Arts & Digital Practices".

vidéo youtube