"HoloLesson #32"
Holographic animation



Exhibition "My Love, the Robot" - Espace Valles - Saint-Martin d'Hères - 2014

Sexual objectification or robotics erotism?

France Cadet once again diverses the lessons of seduction from a famous French lingerie brand, with a holographic version of Lesson 32.
This animation is made from the 3D files of the previous 3D printing sculpture:   « CyberLesson #32 » which represents a cyborg sculpture of the artist kneeling on the ground hands tied, like those fashionable Japanese human faced android, the sculpture seems able to feel and have sexual needs...or is it just programming?
It’s up to you to say…

Poetic dissection of desire

A 3D version of this avatar appears on the screen by successive slices. This sequence of body sections reveals the electronic internal anatomy of this creature, while gradually rebuilding its outer shell. Once materialized, this evanescent pinup of modern times makes a slow revolution before disappearing again by regular cuts.

 3D Animation

 Vidof of the installation

Holographic projection made by M2F créations: www.m2fcreations.fr
3D by Ricardo Garcia