Gaude Mihi
2008 - 2009

"Gaude Mihi" - Rocking robot - 2008


Numeriscausa Gallery- Solo exhibition "Curiosité Artficielle" (articial curiosity) Paris - 2008


Blending into society, robots are now becoming more and more life-like. They are claiming to be acting as moral agents and have now the ability and desire to experiment social activities and pleasures.

Thus this rocking robot « Gaude Mihi » 2008 (literally entertain me, give me pleasure) which is self-balancing when its owner approaches, might just seek to generate its own amusement, therefore removing his participation and redefining the roles of the Toy and the Player. The functioning of this toy is not caused by the action of its owner but only by its presence and the generated pleasure is not dedicated to him.




"Gaude Mihi" brown - 2009

"Gaude Mihi" black - 2009