"Tribute to the Dodo"

3D animation - holographic display - 2019

A holographic device allows to bring back for an instant the emblem of extinction: a Dodo bird.

This holographic device for tablet is based on Pepper’s ghost principle and was produced by Lab Gamerz
The 3D animation was produced for Noctiluca a digital festival organised by La Fruitière numérique

It was created to accompany the "Gallery of extinct species"


Exhibition at Vasarely Foundation - Aix-en-Provence - France - 2019

"Gallery of extinct species"

12 inkjet prints, invisible UV ink - 30x40cm - 2019
(Production La Fruitière Numérique)

This series of anatomical charts such as Deyrolles editions show extinct species due to human activity. Only the Latin name of the taxon appears on the poster, the animal has disappeared and is invisible. However, thanks to a UV flashlight, the audience can again observe again these species for an instant...

12 extinct species: Scarlet Macaw, Auroch, Golden Toad, Dodo, Black Emu, Large Pinguoin, Gastric Frog, Mamo, Migrating Pigeon, Soruis de Gould, Thylacine, Burchell's Zebra


Rollover your mouse to display UV picture

"Gallery of extinct species" - 12 inkjet prints - 30x40cm - 2019

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