"Demain les robots"
(The robots are coming...)

video installation with 7 secrets screens - 2019
Production Lab Gamerz



Exhibition at the Vasarely Foundation - 2019 (view through the polarizing filter)

The future definitely seems to belong to robots and artificial intelligence but will humans ever have a place in this world?
Tomorrow, will we all become robots? Shall we necessarily merge with the machine in order not to be overtaken, such as some of the most fervent transhumanists claim? Ultimately could the mind exist alone in the machine?

Recent advancements in reproductive cloning associated with the arrival of the first artificial wombs for human, might soon allow the ectogenesis (pregnancy outside the body) envisioned by Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World. Human reproduction is likely to get rid of biological body.

The installation "Demain les robots" (The robots are coming) explores this prospective and proposes Matrix-like artificial wombs in which baby robots are growing. It depicts a futuristicc dystopia in which humans have disappeared.

Cronenberg-style organic pods, magnifiers and glasses fitted with polarizing filters allow the audience to catch a glimpse of this future through the looking glass. The sound of the baby’s heartbeat in the womb resonates in the room accompanied with the sound of little bubbles in water.


Photos Luce Moreau