"CyberLesson #32"
3D printing sculpture - 2013

3D printing sculpture: ABS (FDM) for the body
and full colored powder printing for the face

Size: 40x27x27cm

Sexual objectification or robotics erotism?

France Cadet once again diverses the lessons of seduction from a famous French lingerie brand, with a robotic version of Lesson 32.

A cyborg sculpture of the artist realized thanks to 3D scan and printer, is kneeling on the ground hands tied. Like those fashionable Japanese human faced android, the sculpture seems able to feel and have sexual needs...or is it just programming?

It’s up to you to say...

Lesson #32
advertising campaign

Lesson #32
France Cadet
digital print - 2004
AnatoLesson #32
France Cadet
digital print 2013
CyberLesson #32
France Cadet
  3D printing - 2013
HoloLesson #32
France Cadet
holographic animation - 2014

  Sculpture made in the framework of a residency at M2F créations: whttp://www.lab-gamerz.com/