"Canis Lupus Anatomy"
Silskscreen printings with a scratchable ink



With nanotechnologies scientific discoveries, the boundaries between the living and the artificial tend to disappear, introducing the artificial into the natural and vice-versa. Donna Haraway’s model of the cyborg is thus imposing itself gradually, with the postmodern notion of one same nature-culture, getting rid of the body’s dualities and oppositions between nature and culture, object and subject…

Flesh and mechanics are intertwined as suggested by the 18th century-like anatomical hand dot drawing "Robotic dog skeleton anatomy", revealing the inner biological anatomy of a robotic dog.

 Robotic dog skeleton anatomy  - 2010

This series of 6 serigraphs mixes the artificial outfit of the animal ( its robotic shell) with its inner biological anatomy (cardiopulmonary, digestive or bone system randomly).

The shell of the robot is made of silver scratchable ink : The inner and functional anatomy of the robot might appear , whether the owner of the serigraph decides to scratch the silver ink of the shell or not. The decision makes the serigraph a unique piece, as the owner turns into a brand new imagery surgeon.

Another one, X-Ray Robot, lets a QRcode appear.

The audience is invited to use their mobile phone or digital tablet with QR reader as a scanner or X ray machine. The printed image being revealed when flashing the QR code is that of the robotic dog under X rays. It’s up to the owner to scratch the ink or not.

Exhibition "Animal Paradise" - Centre d'Art d'Istres - France - 2013

Exhibition "Show Off" - Paris Art Fair 2012