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Video dyptich - 2021


« AI today »

Total video lenght 9'38''

Algorithms are everywhere, they monitor us, analyze our behavior, detect our identity and even reveal our personality. They spy on us up to penetrate our unconsciousness and make us predictable, reproducible.

Through this collection of 3D animations France Cadet uses her image to highlight the prowess and failures of these artificial intelligences but also the excesses of their applications.

Over time their functionalities keep expanding. Their progress are exponential. They learn from the human, merge with him, and come to life. They are now autonomous and able to simulate emotions up to become themselves conscious and desiring machines…


« Robots, tomorrow »

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Will humans go extinct from robots?

Through this Matrix-like artificial womb in which baby robots are growing, France Cadet wonders about a possible future where machines would be able to reproduce on their own, freed from human beings!

Like an organic cell division, the initial tetrahedron segments into complex polygons, into a more and more precise mesh, resulting in a functional prenatal baby robot.