11 videos - 3D animations - 2019



In this series of 3D animations, an algorithm simulates emotions on the face of these artificial creatures. These cyborgs, self-portraits of the artist, are declined according to the archetypes of the robot.

They seem motionless and strike a pose, while staring at us. But they display strange facial movements such as quick eyeblinks or slight smiles. These micro-expressions (FACS) do not yet seem to be fully controlled by the gynoïds. By simulating humanlike emotions these learning machines immerse us in the uncanny valley described by Professor Masahiro Mori confronted with hyperrealistic yet imperfect robots.

Artificial consciousness? This digital extra soul remains incomplete and noticeable ... but until when? From cyborg theory to technological singularity there is only one step.

The successive techniques used by the artist retrace the technological evolution of image making. First a realistic photograph of the artist’s face is taken, then bonded by photomontage with a 3D image of an artificial body. Finally, an artificial intelligence software recreates the face in 3D and animates it with micro-expressions to bring it to life.

video sample (11 videos in total)